Our costs

Fair price - for more liquidity

The use is completely free of charge. Only when your customer pays your Paylink, a fee of 1.5% of the turnover (plus Stripe fee) is charged.

Your customers pay immediately. You save the time to remind your customers to pay your invoice. Dunning and collection costs are now a thing of the past.

1.5 % / sales
Fair price - plus Stripe fees (See below).
The Stripe fee depends on your customer's payment method.
Credit and debit cards
1,4 % + 0,25 €
With integrated pricing billed by transaction, there are no setup or monthly fees.
For cards in the European Economic Area.
+1.1% for cards in the United Kingdom.
International payments
2,9 % + 0,25 €
Additional fees apply for international cards and for currency conversion.
For international cards. If currency conversion is required, an additional 2% fee will apply.
Local payment methods
0,35 €
We offer popular payment methods in Europe. You can activate them in your dashboard.
SEPA direct debit
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The most frequently asked questions about Pay2Load. Fair price for more liquidity.

Are costs incurred even if the customer does not use his paylink?
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The paylink is valid for 7 days. As long as your customer does not use the link, you will not incur any costs. The customer is automatically reminded when the download link loses its validity. In the future we will include a feature that allows you to manually determine whether the link should be valid for 7, 14 or 28 days.

What happens if the customer settles the bill by conventional means.
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You have the option to release a paylink manually as well. As long as the customer does not pay the link, the service is free of charge. After manual release, the customer receives a download link via email and can use your data.

Why additional Stripe fees?
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Stripe is the global leader in secure B2B payments. Pay2Load leverages the power of Stripe for fast and secure international payments and adds the ability to tag data via PayLink. Data usage is linked to a prior payment.

Stripe's fees are therefore considered a third-party service and are added on top of our service. The amount of the Stripe fee depends on your customer's payment method.

Fair price for more liquidity. Also with Stripe.

How quickly will my amount be paid out?
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Usually you will receive your payment through Stripe in a period of about 3-4 business days. Even if the payment does not appear in your account immediately, you can be sure that your customer has paid. In the backend of Stripe you also have the possibility to schedule payments.

Are there any monthly costs for my account with Pay2Load?
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No. Our service is completely free of charge as long as your customer does not pay. That means you have no risk. We are working on subscription models that allow you as a power user to save significantly on fees and unlock additional features. These are then associated with a small monthly fee.

You have more questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions personally. We also have a forum where you can exchange ideas with other users or suggest new features that you would like to see. We are constantly trying to improve our service.

Payments made easy.

From now on, Fair P(l)ay applies. Create your own account now for free and bill your service directly with a paylink.